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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swiftlet Farming is a Right Investment

Swiftlet farming in Indonesia is a multi-million dollar industry. They supply 80% of the edible bird nest market, most buyers are from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Every year the demand is increasing and the supply of Nest couldn't meet the demand. This pushed up the price of edible bird nest .

Indonesia has invested millions of dollar in this industry knowing that it will yield profit. As I had mentioned earlier their history of Swiftlet farming started as early as the beginning of 19th century. So if you are going to invest Rm 100k its very small compared to these giants, in other words you are very safe knowing that if this business collapsed there are many more people would loose many times more than you. Look at the picture below.

If this business is not lucrative do you think they would invest in such manner. It is like a fortress mega huge. Some are the size of Mid Valley Mega Mall in K.L.
In fact Malaysia has better advantages as we have less Sriti (collocalia) and our condition here produces better quality nest. Malaysia is well known for it nest quality internationally especially nests from places like Taiping, Trengganu and Kuantan. So for those who are from these places they should take advantage of this valuble natural resouce.
credit to james